Your own Trust branded parent communications platform

Whether centralised or de-centralised, ReachMoreParents will help unify your Trust’s communications. Bring schools together into a single communications platform and provide a central app for Parents, which can either be Trust branded throughout - or allow schools to retain their own identity.


Simple, powerful communications

Improve communications and branding across your Trust

ReachMoreParents is unique; we help you support your schools with unified branding, consistent communications, and improving parental engagement. We use clever technology to reach more parents across your school group, increase responses and reduce workload, with tools including: 

  • Communications - email, text, in-app messaging and social media integration.
  • Dynamic Newsfeed – Safe modern, social media-style newsfeed.
  • Digital forms - Collect consent and data online.
  • Language translations – Improve accessibility by translating into a range of languages. 
  • UK Based support - for schools AND parents
I’ve worked in the education sector for many years and used many different communication systems, and I can honestly say this is by far the most effective and efficient one that I’ve come across and it is virtually a one-stop-shop for everything the parents/carers need in relation to two-way communication. Liz Bruce, Trust Lead Office Manager, Swale Academies Trust

We simply help schools reach more parents

Key features for Trusts


Integrations with all main school MIS

If your schools use different MIS, we integrate with all the main suppliers.


Trust-wide communications

Send direct messages from Trust level across all your schools.


Parental engagement reporting

We give you the ability to review engagement and response figures across all your schools.


Managed roll out…the way you want it

Our implementation team can set up and train your schools centrally or individually.


Establish standardised communications

Delivering communications the way you want

Trusts can control how communications are delivered across your schools when using ReachMoreParents

Our service enables Trusts to set a standard configuration so group schools all work in the same way, ensuring consistency of message templates, content and channels.

As a result, parents across your Trust will receive the same communications, in the same format and at the same time. 

Trusts can also utilise a de-centralised approach should they wish.

Custom apps

Custom branded app for Trusts

Our accompanying parent app makes seeing messages and dealing with school requests easy for parents. For Trusts, there's the option to have a custom-branded app, with either a trust-wide or school-specific design.

With our parent app, parents can: 

  • Get quick access to important information from the main dashboard. 
  • Enjoy a social media style newsfeed of pictures and video. 
  • View communications from children at separate schools. 
  • Easily see upcoming calendar and events. 
  • Complete forms and data requests. 
  • Notify absences and check attendance
  • Easily connect to other school software. 
Our parent app is downloadable from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.  

Trusted by many

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Reach More Parents Desktop Notices

A smarter way of working

Ensure consistency and reduce workloads

Our platform can help ensure consistency and standardisation of communications whilst also reducing workload across your Trust.

Templates can be created at a Trust level to ensure consistent communications across all your schools, or at an individual school level.

Templates can be used for:  

  • Data collection or consent forms 
  • Standardised communications – absence reporting, school closure notices, key events and more 
  • Organising trips, clubs and after school activities 
Users simply select template they need instead of having to create items each time. ReachMoreParents enables schools to share forms digitally with parents and makes it easy to chase and remind outstanding replies. 

Put your brand and reputation centre-stage with…

An app and website as unique as your Trust

Custom Branded App

A parent app as unique as your school or Trust.

  • A unique school app, branded with you school name, logo and colours.
  • Available for parents to download from the App Store and Google Play.
  • Branding can be trust-wide or school specific.

School Websites

Save time with seamless integration between your school communications and website.

  • Expertly designed to reflect your school ethos and values
  • Ofsted and DfE-compliant to ensure you meet guidelines and regulations.
  • Simple to manage content and access.

Case Study

The Stour Academy Trust

Discover how The Stour Academy Trust achieved an impactful communications strategy, elevating parent engagement and fostering a connected educational community.
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Implementation that delivers

During implementation, we can either set up schools individually or as a group. We can also mirror system configuration across schools to ensure consistency and to reflect your requirements and needs.

We can also provide your Trust with best practice guides on what, how, when and where to post content etc, to ensure increased parental engagement.

Our support and account management teams can also support your schools at an individual level, or we can assist the whole trust where needed.  

Translate and help knock down barriers to inclusivity

Our parent app can be translated into a range of different languages, making it easier to connect and communicate with hard-to-reach families. 
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UK based support for schools AND parents

ReachMoreParents has a traditional company ethos and values – and we prioritise customer support.  

Our UK based support team can be accessed via telephone, email and live chat, we have no phone menus or ticketing system so one of our team will always deal with your request quickly.  

What’s more, we are the only school communications company that offers support for parents, meaning your school staff won't have to worry about password resets or user queries. 

Start reaching more parents today