Meal Manager | School Dinner App

Meal Manager is a flexible, customisable and easy-to-use school lunch management system.

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Meal management that’s as simple as A, B, C

  • Add menus 
  • Book meals 
  • Collect payments 
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Meal Manager allows schools to:

  • Create food items and menus, with photos and allergy info. 
  • Enable parents to book meals in advance. 
  • Set booking deadlines to suit your school. 

Easy fixes for common headaches: 

  • Choose when parents pay and prevent debt mounting up. 
  • Create flexible menus for any date range, including one-off themed days. 
  • Set min & max limits to all menu choices (pudding control!) 

Meal payments made easy: 

  • Discrete management of Free School Meals. 
  • Separate VAT rates on food for staff and students. 
  • Instant data reports available for catering. 

Make life easier for everyone

Including Meal Manager will help school staff to manage and keep track of finances all in one place. Plus, parents will thank you for only having to login to one system. 
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Whatever’s on the menu you’ll get…

Support that will leave you satisfied

Our UK-based support team is available by phone, email and chat. 

Plus we are the only company to offer dedicated support for parents too – so you don’t have to deal with questions they may have with using Meal Manager. 

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Key Features 

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  • Engage parents in school life; post pictures and videos via a modern, social media style news feed. 
  • Create a trusted environment for parents with your own school branded app 
  • Keep other software you love, simply connect it into your parent app 
  • Helping you connect with your community 

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