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Mass text messaging why it’s time for schools to move on

Whether for a school closure or an upcoming sports day, many educational establishments have relied on a text messaging service to get a quick, succinct message out to parents or carers of the entire pupil base. However, technology has moved on.

School Communications: A Parent’s Perspective

We conducted a survey of parents whose children attend primary, secondary and independent schools to find out how engaged they feel, what the blockers are, and what schools can do to achieve better engagement.

Parental Communications Report 2023

We asked the education sector to share their pain points when it comes to school communications to find out just how many schools are experiencing the same issues, and what schools think will resolve matters.

The Outlook for EdTech Guide

EdTech is rapidly reaching greater and greater heights, so now is the perfect time for your technology ecosystem. Download our guide to learn more. 


Engaged parents: your school’s secret weapon

Parental engagement has been proven to make a positive impact on a child’s school life, so to support you in bringing them into the fold, we’ve put together a complete guide to parental engagement.

Covid catch-up: supporting your planning

With schools seeking ways to help students catch up after Covid, why not consider proven research that can add up to two years to a student's progress?

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