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Effective attendance tracking

Teachers have been taking the register for hundreds of years, but in a 21st century school, attendance tracking needs to be more than a tick or a cross on a piece of paper.

ReachMoreParents is a unique form of software for tracking attendance which not only reduces the administrative burden on school staff – it allows them to easily manage authorisation, send alerts and connect with those parents who are hardest to reach. Ultimately, it works to support the key aim of reducing truancy.


More than a register

The benefits of attendance tracking software

It’s proven that attendance is intrinsically linked to a student’s academic achievements and their success in later life – so absence tracking is vital to any school. That’s why the right attendance tracking system delivers a host of benefits that represent much more than a register.

A reduction in truancy

Our time and attendance tracker quickly identifies any instance when a student misses a full day or specific lesson without authorisation, allowing schools to intervene as soon as possible. This pinpoints truancy early on and gives you the opportunity to identify the cause before it becomes more of a problem.

Greater student support

Truancy happens for a number of different reasons, and could be a result of serious issues like bullying, mental health issues or problems at home. So as well as identifying truants, schools can use absence information to establish why students might be missing lessons - and provide support or initiatives to help keep them in class.

More engaged parents

Our student attendance tracker makes it easier for parents to report any authorised absences – strengthening partnerships with already engaged parents, and facilitating communication with those who are hardest to reach.

A stronger understanding of attendance issues

Schools can use data gathered on the attendance app to pinpoint patterns in attendance and combat this with wider education, initiatives or incentives.


Increase parental engagement

Engagement through attendance tracking

Combatting student absence is all about creating a strong partnership between schools and parents, so we’ve developed ReachMoreParents: time and attendance software that makes reporting and management simple for everyone. Using innovative technology designed by experienced education professionals, we help schools to not just manage their attendance, but connect with those parents that other systems can’t reach.

Supporting parents

  • Easier absence reporting
    Parents can inform schools about all absences direct from the dashboard homepage – and easily upload any related documents (such as appointment confirmation) by photo or screenshot. There’s no need to wait on hold, deal with attachments or rely on students to pass on important information. 

  • Instant access to attendance records
    A child’s attendance figures can be checked at any point, right down to the individual lesson. This means parents will clearly see how much school they’ve missed in a month, term or year to really keep on top of absence tracking – and work to tackle truancy in specific lessons before it develops into more of a problem. 

  • Tailored contact preferences
    Parents are also able to choose whether they’d prefer to be contacted by app, email, text or phone – which helps to strengthen parent engagement. 

  • Branded to build trust
    is built bespoke to every school, incorporating their individual branding and featuring a dedicated social-style newsfeed of photo and video updates. This works to create a trusted environment and really engage parents with school life.

Supporting schools and staff

  • The digital hub for registers
    All attendance information is held in one accessible place, with pre-authorised absences noted and identified.

  • The information you need from parents
    App templates prompt parents to provide the details you need when they report their absence and you can instantly notify them if any information is missing.

  • A more streamlined admin process
    Each day’s absences are recorded and stored in one place, with codes assigned to each individual case. This creates absolutely clarity for all staff involved and makes job shares much easier.

  • Instant automation
    The platform creates groups and lists of unauthorised absences and can send out automated app, email or text notifications to parents as soon as this is recorded.

  • Money-saving contact preferences
    Contact parents by the app itself, email, text or all three if needed, so money is only spent on text messages when it’s absolutely necessary.

All these features are included as standard with ReachMoreParents, so every school has the same access to the benefits of this software for tracking attendance.


Attendance tracking... and so much more

Discover a host of benefits with ReachMoreParents

Multicultural communication: A multilingual solution to connect with more parents
The ReachMoreParents  app operates in a host of different languages, allowing you to engage more families by communicating with parents in their mother tongue.

Doing more to reach more parents
We do things differently to engage those parents other systems can’t.

  • Ultimate Accessibility
    We put all apps and systems in one place to make everything easier.
  • Communicating as one
    Speak to all audiences from one platform.
  • Tailored to you
    Custom branding to make it unique to your school.
  • An app that grows with you
    Complete versatility from a platform that adapts to suit your needs.
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Why choose us?

UK based support for schools and parents

ReachMoreParents has a traditional company ethos and values – and our customer support operates in that way too.

Our UK-based support team can be accessed via telephone, email and live chat. We have no phone menus or ticketing system so one of our team will always deal with your request quickly.

What’s more, Weduc is the only school communications company that offers support for parents, meaning your school staff won't have to worry about password resets or user queries.

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