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Integrates seamlessly with your MIS

School timetabling software that makes life easier

When it comes to school timetables, clarity and consistency are key. 

Our school timetable software integrates seamlessly with your school’s MIS to make timetables easier to access for staff, students, and parents – so everyone is always on the same page. It’s just another of the many ways we make every school day run smoother and simpler.  

Bringing clarity to the school day

Why is class scheduling software so important?

With more and more technology becoming a part of school life, school leaders are embracing these advancements to transform tasks that were historically time-consuming or more likely to lead to error. One of those areas in particular is timetabling, and for leaders, teachers, and students, the benefits of introducing software for class scheduling are wide-ranging.  


Improve organisation

Timetabling software helps efficiently manage class times, teacher assignments, free periods and other daily tasks, making it easier to spot where everyone is at any given time, and identify areas where there may be more resource required.  

Save money

Outdated timetabling methods are not only more costly to keep track of, but there’s more chance of key information being lost or containing errors, which will be a costly mistake in the long-run.

Save time

Timetable software for schools automates time-consuming processes like data entry and manual scheduling, as well as the time needed to take care of any clashes that arise as a result of human error. All the timetabling is taken care of automatically, in the most efficient way. 

Enable transparent communication

When you use timetabling technology, staff have a clear view of their day and immediate access to all their records, bringing greater transparency in administration. Often, these timetables can be shared with parents too, so they become more involved in their child’s day-to-day school life.   

Store data effectively

Your school’s timetable holds a wealth of data that you could be using to aid with resource planning, facility booking, and overall school functioning. By making use of class scheduling software, you’ll have this powerful data at your fingertips whenever you need it, with no risk of it being lost

Transparent communication for all

Timetable software from ReachMoreParents

Take advantage of all these benefits and more when you choose timetable software from ReachMoreParents by Weduc.

  • Integrates with MIS
    Your timetables are pulled from your school’s MIS without you having to lift a finger – with no chance of any manual errors creeping in. 

  • Personalised timetables
    Every student and parent will see their own personalised timetable, so they’ll always know exactly where they need to be – and when.

  • Easy access for parents
    The key to increasing parental engagement is making things as simple as possible. Timetables will be contained within ReachMoreParents by Weduc, giving them all the information they need in one place. 

  • Simple daily breakdown - lessons, periods, times
    With a clear daily schedule of lessons, periods, and times, there’s no possibility of confusion for students heading to lessons. 

  • Weekly and exam timetables integration
    When exam season rolls around, each student’s exam timetable will automatically be added to the app – giving you and them one less thing to worry about. 
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School timetabling software is just the beginning…

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