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Reach More Parents gives you the tools to create great relationships with your parents. We'll help you keep them engaged and involved so they all feel part of the school community - and always respond quickly to your requests.

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Simple, powerful communications

Reach More Parents and get a better response

If communications aren't reaching all your parents, you’re probably endlessly chasing replies and responses. We use clever technology to reach more of your parents, increase responses and reduce your workload, with tools including: 

  • Communications - email, text, in-app messaging and social media integration. 
  • Dynamic Newsfeed - safe, modern, social media-style updates.
  • Notices and announcements - pin important messages to your online noticeboard. 
  • Digital forms - collect consent and data online.
  • Calendar integrations - parents can sync your events with their own calendar.
  • Language translations - improve accessibility by translating into range of languages. 

We’re not a ‘jack of all trades’ software...

We simply help schools reach more parents



Automatically directs messages so parents are more likely to see them.


Publish messages simultaneously

Emails, SMS, app messages, social media and your website.


Engage parents
in school life

Post pictures and videos to a modern, social media style news feed.


Parent support

We support your parents to help keep them connected.

Here’s a few things you can do with Reach More Parents:

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Help parents feel more involved and…

Share magic moments

Keep parents engaged in their child’s education journey with our safe, modern social media style newsfeed.

  • Share pictures and videos direct from the classroom.
  • Engage parents by allowing them to like, comment and reply to your posts.
  • Easily publish your newsletter in bitesize chunks.
  • Share content across your social channels.
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Say goodbye to stress and confusion…

Throw your consent (and other) forms in the bin!

Use our self-service, digital forms to take the stresses out of paper consent and data collection forms.

  • Create your own data collection or consent forms.
  • Ideal for organising trips, clubs and after school activities.
  • Digitally share with parents to complete.
    Easily chase and remind outstanding replies.
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One place to monitor attendance...

Simplify attendance management

Our attendance management tools make it easy for parents to communicate absences and for schools to track and report.

  • Parents can report absences with evidential attachments such as medical letters.
  • Save data in one location, making it easy to monitor attendance overall.
    Built-in ‘leave request forms’ help manage planned absences.
  • Easily collate all attendance communications for use in any legal cases.
  • If you use Sims we can write back all communications and attachments and update register codes.
Learn more about our Attendance Tracking Software.
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Take your school register…from anywhere!

Go digital with our online registers and help save precious teaching time. You can: 

  • Take registers outside the classroom - ideal for school trips.
  • Manage both class and AM/PM registers.
    Write back to SIMS with register codes and comments.
  • Automate messages around register codes
    (such as N codes) and chase parents as changes occur.
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Our parent app helps get things done

Our accompanying parent app makes seeing messages and dealing with school requests easy for parents.

  • Main dashboard gives quick access to important information.
  • Enjoy a social media style newsfeed of pictures and video.
  • View communications from children at separate schools.
  • Easily see upcoming calendar and events.
  • Complete forms and data requests.
  • Notify absences and check attendance.
  • Easily connect to other school software.
Our parents app is downloadable from Apple’s App store or Google Play. And, if you’d like an app branded for your school, we can do that too.

Why choose a custom branded parent app?

Put your own stamp on your app! With a custom branded app you get all the Reach More Parents features, plus:

  • Messaging, email and SMS - free, unlimited in-app messages with optional 2-way and recall functionality.
  • Newsfeed - safe, social media-style newsfeed with the option to allow likes and comments.
  • Notices - pin important messages to your online noticeboard and create notifications and reminders.
  • Website and social media integration - link your newsfeed to Facebook, Twitter and your Weduc website too.
  • Calendar - link to Google and Microsoft calendars and publish to your Weduc website. Parents can also sync events directly to their own device's calendar.
  • Message targeting - send messages, post news and share events by form/year/custom group.
  • Language translations - improve accessibility by translating into a range of languages.

Make your life even easier

Enhance your communications

Custom Branded App

A parent app as unique as your school or Trust.

  • A unique school app, branded with you school name, logo and colours.
  • Available for parents to download from the App Store and Google Play.
  • Branding can be trust-wide or school specific.

School Websites

Save time with seamless integration between your school communications and website.

  • Expertly designed to reflect your school ethos and values
  • Ofsted and DfE-compliant to ensure you meet guidelines and regulations.
  • Simple to manage content and access.

Simple, powerful communications

Key features

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Publish messages simultaneously to more channels: email, SMS, In-app messages, social media and website.
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Publish messages simultaneously to more channels: email, SMS, In-app messages, social media and website.
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Engage parents in school life by posting pictures and videos to a modern, social media style news feed.
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Create a trusted environment for parents with your own school branded app.
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Keep other software you love by connecting it into your parent app.
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Start reaching more parents today